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Hair Myths : The true and the false

A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face

Since ages beauty has been associated with good hair which has led to the generation of innumerable myths regarding hair. In this post lets scrutinize these and understand the truth.

  • Oil makes your hair grow faster

Hair growth is largely dependent on your genes which you inherit at birth itself. It is also dependent on your diet and nutrition. Nothing external such as an oil or a shampoo can make your hair grow...

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Everyday Eye Makeup – Anushka Sharma Style

Hello everyone!

This article is about doing your everyday eye make up in a simple, subtle way in the style of one of my favorite Bollywood actress – Anushka Sharma.

Anushka is mostly seen with neutral and understated eye make up.

The Base :

Make sure to use a good eye cream around the eyes and in the under eye area so that the area is well moisturized. Dryness will accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles so always keep the eye area moisturized.

Conceal :

Conceal a...

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