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Fresh depuffed eyes in a minute!

Hello everyone!
Each of us has woken up to puffy/swollen/dull eyes or faced this problem after long hours of work or study. Eyes are the first thing people usually notice about you and dull eyes can mess up your look.

In today’s post I will share a trick to freshen up your eyes in a minute with some added health benefits as well!

The Prep : 

green tea

  • Prepare green tea – any brand would do and its as simple as just adding tea powder to boiling water.
  • Let the green tea c...
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Tips to make your perfume last longer

Hey everyone!

We all love our perfumes,don’t we? However it breaks our heart to see that we invested in an amazing perfume but it hardly lasts!

In this post I will share a few tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer so you feel fresh and smell good all day!

  • Choose Well :


 A perfume has 3 notes-

1.Top/Head – the fragrance that is evident as soon as you spray the perfume. These evaporate quickly.


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Avoid Alert!!Disappointing 10 Beauty Buys OF 2013

Hello everyone!

After listing out the good its time to mull over the bad. Here’s a quick round up of the products which disappointed me in 2013. I am listing them so you can save a few bucks probably!

  • Richfeel Arnica Shampoo : 

This one made my hair super dry which it usually isn’t! Also gave me dandruff issue which I never had to begin with whereas it claims to be anti dandruff! It is quite high on sulphates so those of you who have allergy to sulphates or wa...

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