Product Scan :Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review

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It is a must to moisturize the skin and protect it with SPF during daytime to keep the skin glowing and healthy. In today’s product scan I will review a product having properties of both – a moisturizer and a sunscreen with dark spot reduction properties.



Effective formula enriched with even out complex fights dark spots and hyperpigmentation. High performing formula reduces existing hyperpigmentation and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots. With vitamin E and UV filter for extra protection from photo aging. SPF 20.

QUANTITY : 50 ml

PRICE : INR 790. You can purchase it from the Oriflame website here


  • Methoxycinnamate, Octocrylene : Potent UV filters
  • Caprilyic triglyceride : A fatty acid derivative from coconut that is a very good moisturizing agent
  • Tocopheryl Acetate : Vitamin E derivative
  • Citric acid, Rumex occidentalis, Liqourice extracts : Reduce hyperpigmentation and even out skin

Overall the ingredient list packs a powerful combination of sunscreens, lightening agents, moisturizers and antioxidants.




  • It has SPF 2o with some good chemical UV protectors in the ingredient list so I did not have to layer on a moisturize and sunscreen separately plus it saves time too 🙂
  • It protected me from tanning . To test the SPF I had worn this under peak sun in the afternoons in summer and yet I did not end up as tanned as usually do which is quite remarkable since I am someone who is very easily prone to tanning and have badly tanned even with so called SPF 70 sunscreens!!
  • I liked the fact that it has vitamin E which is a good moisturizer and a wonderful antioxidant that protects from premature aging.
  • It lived up to its claim of evening the skin tone to quite some extent when I used it in conjunction with the night cream from the same range. My freckles do appear slightly fainter than before.
  • It prevented the formation of new freckles.
  • My skin appeared healthier overall.
  • Small quantity of the cream is required so a little goes a long way


  • The product is thick in consistency and slightly greasy.
  • I believe it will suit ladies with normal or dry skin well but I found it to be heavy for my combination to oily skin.
  • It made my skin oily and shiny quicker than the other creams usually do.
  • Travelling with the heavy glass jar packaging is slightly inconvenient.


I would recommend this cream to ladies with normal or dry skin since it will suit them perfectly. Oily/Combination skin ladies may get variable results.

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