Product Scan : Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel Review

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I believe face wash is one of the most important steps in skin care and its indeed tough to find a good face wash/cleanser that cleanses well without drying out the skin. Did I find that cleanser in Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel? Lets find out in today’s product scan :


About the Product :

It is a refreshing foaming cleanser that effectively cleanses normal / combination skin and removes make up preparing it for your toner application. With patented antioxidant technology Lingon 50:50 and skin lightening complex.

Price : INR 499 for 200 ml but currently it is available at a discount of 30% so would cost INR 399 🙂

Product Scan : Noteworthy Ingredients

  • Glycerin : This will ensure skin doesn’t dry out post cleansing.
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine : This is high up on the ingredient list at number 3 and it is basically an organic compound derived from coconut oil so you can expect all the wonderful properties of coconut oil added in.
  • Hydantoin : A compound of glcolyic acid and urea that will gently exfoliate dead skills while maintaining the moisture.
  • Cranberry, Citric acid and Rumex extracts : These will give your skin the glowy brightening and lightening effect

Overall the cleanser packs in some amazing ingredients that will work well in cleansing as well as brightening.

Packaging :

It comes in a convinient pump dispenser that’s hygenic and easy to use.

Swatch :


It is a clear non sticky gel like in consistency and foams well. One pump is sufficient for the face and neck.

My experience with the product : The Pros

  • The quantity required for cleansing is less so a little goes a long way.
  • Thanks to the amazing ingredients the cleanser packs I could instantly – and I specifically use the word instantly because I could notice that my skin immediately felt cleaner softer and brighter post first use itself – as if I got a salon clean up done. I have an uneven skin tone but whenever I cleanse with this cleanser I can feel that my skin looks a lot more even and fresh.
  • The cleanser does not leave a residue.
  • It makes skin soft and it is not overtly drying so no stretchy feeling post face wash.
  • I have a combination skin and this helped in oil control to some extent.
  • It removes make up gently.
  • It did not give me any acne or rash and will suit sensitive skins well since it is very gentle.
  • It is pocket friendly and total value for money.

My Experience : The Cons

The only con that I can think of right now is that travelling with the face wash could be a bit of an issue since this doesn’t come in a travel size pack and when I had received the courier of the product, the product had leaked out a bit but besides this absolutely nothing.


Yes he too has tried this face wash and he absolutely loves it – infact he says this is one of the best face washes we have ever used! He has a really sensitive skin and it suits him well so all you guys this one is for you as well!!

Repurchase : Need I say ? A big yes!!

Recommendation : I would absolutely recommend this face wash to men and women with normal / combination skin.

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