Yoga For Chronic Diseases

‘Yoga’ is a 5000 year old Indian form of exercise that helps in curbing a host of ailments. Yoga ensures physical and mental wellbeing.

Apart from medication, exercise plays a vital role in curing a host of ailments.

Yoga is highly beneficial in alleviating the signs and symptoms of a host of diseases.

Following are yogasanas that will help in controlling various chronic diseases that have become rampant these days –

1)Hypothyroidism –

In hypothyroidism,essentially,the metabolism slows down which affects the functioning of the entire body. Yoga helps immensely in regulating the secretion of thyroid hormone.

Practising Matsyasana – or the fish pose helps activate the thyroid gland and regulate the hormone secretion.

2) Diabetes –

Practising Chakrasana will regulate the insulin secretion and thus help control the blood sugar levels in the body.

3) Indigestion :

Pavanamuktasana helps in relieving abdominal colic and flatulence along with dyspepsia.

4) Migraine :

Sirshasana improves the blood circulation to the head and can thus help in reducing migraine.

5) Stress/Anxiety :

Padmasana and Pranayam have a calming effect on the mind reducing stress and anxiety.

6) Obesity :

Suryanamaskar is a complete body workout. When practised regularly it will help burn fat storages and aid in weight loss.

7) Renal diseases :

Naukasana or the boat pose helps improve the functioning of kidneys and can aid in reducing the signs and sympotoms of chronic renal diseases.

8) Backache

Dhanurasana provides a wonderful stretch to the spinal muscles and helps in decreasing backache. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from lower backache.

These are a few examples of yogasanas that can help us deal with common ailments and improve the quality of our life.

On the occasion of International Yoga day let us pledge to make yoga a habit and lead happy, healthy lives.

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