Yoga For Wellness

Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are.
Yoga helps us achieve this state of health in its true sense.
“Yoga” – is not just a form of exercise but a way of living that aims towards ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body‘.
Body, mind and spirit are like the three components of the triangle of life. Even if one component is malfunctioning, the harmony of the life force will be disrupted.
Yoga is the science that creates a harmony between all these 3 components and in turn nourishes the vital force that supports our very being.
Yoga” essentially means union with the self – in mind,body and spirit.
The other forms of exercises generally ensure physical well being. However yoga equally ensures physical and mental well being.

The benefits of practising yoga for physical health :

1) Improved Energy levels – starting our day with yoga helps focus energy and enables us to remain enthusiastic all day long.
2)Improved Flexibility – The practice of yogasanas improves the flexibility of our body
3)Gentle and safe exercise – Many yogasanas are safe to practice even by pregnant women and senior citizens
4)Improving the lung and cardiac health – The breathing exercises practised in yoga help improve the health and capacity of our lungs and heart.
5)Enhance muscle and bone strength – Yoga helps in strenghtening our spine, muscles and joints.
6)Metabolism improvement and weight loss – Regular practice of yoga helps in burning the fat storages in our body and promotes weight loss in a healthy manner.

The benefits of practising yoga for mental health :
1)Redued stress levels : The regular practice of yoga helps reduce the stress level and has a calming effect on the mind.
2)Reduced anxiety
3)Improved memory
4)Improved concentration and focus
5)Enhanced feeling of overall well being and happiness
6)Reduced anger

Yoga is a science that will help people of all age groups of all professions deal with their physical and mental problems effectively.
Whether you are an IT professional suffering from stress and spine problems, a student suffering from poor memory and concentration, an individual suffering from obesity or diabetes – yoga has a solution to offer.
On the occassion of ‘International Yoga Day’let us nurture this 5000 year old science and make it a regular habit to achieve wellness in its true sense
for “Yoga accepts and Yoga gives”.

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